Health Minister’s speaker notes for South Africa Satellite on 90-90-90 progress and Recovery from COVID-19DOWNLOAD
AIDS Confrence Exhibition Stand Opening - by Health Minister Dr Joe PhaahlaDOWNLOAD
Nelson Mandela/Fidel Castro Programme graduations speech by Health Minister, Dr Joe Phaahla (University of Pretoria - 08 July 2022)DOWNLOAD
Speaking Notes: by Deputy Minister of Health (Launch of the Youth HIV Prevention Strategy 30 June 2022 DOWNLOAD
Speaking Notes: by Minister on The Repeal of Regulations on Notifible Medical Conditions Dealing with the Covid-19 and on Monkey-Pox 23 June 2022.docxDOWNLOAD
Speaking Notes: by Deputy Minister of Health on Youth Zones EC 15 June 2022DOWNLOAD
Speech: by Minister of Health, Dr Joe Phaahla at The Launch of Global Vax Campaign at Kwa-Caluza Sportsfield, Umgungudlovu District, Kwazulu-Natal 03-06-2022DOWNLOAD
Budget Policy Statement: 2022-23 by Minister of Health Dr Joe Phaahla in The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) 01-06-2022DOWNLOAD
Speaking Notes: by the Minister Speaking Notes BHF 18 May 2022DOWNLOAD
Speaking Notes: by the Minister on commemoration of the International Nurses Day 12 May 2022DOWNLOAD
Speaking Notes: by the Deputy Minister of Health Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo during illegal abortion awareness campaign 12 May 2022DOWNLOAD
Minister Remarks: Grant Signing Ceremony 12 May 2022DOWNLOAD
Speaking Notes: by Health Minister 2022-2023 Budget Vote - 10 May 2022DOWNLOAD
Speaking Notes: by Deputy Minister Budget Speech - 10 May 2022DOWNLOAD
Presentation: The Rise in Covid-19 cases in South Africa Public Health Perspective 29 April 2022DOWNLOAD
Presentation: NICD media briefing 29 April 220428_213531DOWNLOAD
Presentation: 29 April 2022_Omicron_BA4-BA5_220428_213657DOWNLOAD
Speaking Notes: by Health Minister Dr MJ Phaahla During Virtual Briefing on Covid-19DOWNLOAD
Remarks: by Health Minister Dr Joe Phaahla during Covid-19 Media Briefing – Friday, 27 August 2021DOWNLOAD
Closing Remarks By Health Deputy Minister Dr Joe Phaahla Friday 23 July 2021DOWNLOAD
Minister Kubayi Press Briefing Speaking Notes 23 July 2021DOWNLOAD
Daily Talking Points_20210723DOWNLOAD
20210722 Ministerial UpdateSlides v4DOWNLOAD
Opening Address Minister of Health World Patient Safety Day 17 September 2020DOWNLOAD
Minister Mkhize's Intervention G20 Health and Finance Ministers Meeting 17 September 2020DOWNLOAD
Health Budget Speech - 23 July 2020DOWNLOAD
Health Minister Mkhize COVID 19 Update speech to Parliament 08 July 2020DOWNLOAD
Minister Speaking Notes- Address to UWC Community 19062020DOWNLOAD
Speech - Minister in the Presidency - Decommodifying health - A human right perspective of UHC in SADOWNLOAD
Speech - Deputy Minister on NHI - Nairobi - 13 and 14 November 2019DOWNLOAD

Important Contacts

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Aids Helpline

    • 0800 567 567

Mental Health Information Line

    • 0800 333 0555

Children’s Cancer Helpline

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National Health System Ethics Line